Thursday, 26 July 2012


Spent noon afterwards in the Paddington area to visit the market especially.
OMIGOSH LOOK AT ALL THE SUNNIES. reminds me of designs by illesteva and a pair even resembles miu miu noir in this stall!
pretty pop-up cards of Sydney's and worldwide landmarks

budding designers got a spot too!
 Interesting at first but personally I much prefer the Camberwell Sunday market in Melbourne. Will be posting about that very soon.

the cutest array of shops. and the forever gorgeous mini cooper. sighs.

breathtaking view of a lane on the way back, somehow it reminds me of san fransisco. weird, huh?
Last stop in Sydney. The trip has been lovely but I am more than ready to go back to Melbourne. See you later, Syd!


  1. Prisca! Km ke Sydney ta kapanane?! Should have told meeee :(

  2. iya thaan kapan hari pas hillsong conference. silly me, i should've! :(