Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Chat Thai

Had heard so much about how wonderful this place is. We were so pumped up, once we got the seat at Chat Thai we ended up ordering five dishes with white fluffy rice for each yet there were actually only three of us. Humiliated ourselves due to our greediness since we were seated in the communal table with a petite couple who were very astonished with the capacity of our tummies. Not to mention I ended up eating most of the dishes we ordered since I transformed into Foodzilla that day due to my monthly syndroms. You know what I mean. Goodness gracious.

tom ssap; i hope i'm spelling this correctly!

seriously sick pad thai. sick in a good way, of course.

the ultimate savoury guilty pleasure - spicy fried rice with glistening sunny side up and extras of pork belly = carbs &fats. the gym awaits as the Foodzilla a.ka. me finished this thing alone ignoring the flabbergasted couple sitting opposite.

chewy pork shoulder

green is good for your health and so is this curry! ok maybe it's just good for the tongue & tummy.
It really does live up to its fame, I must say. The best Thai food I've ever had so far, can't stop thinking of going back every single day, for lunch, dinner and supper. Yes, that's how much I love them. Even simply staring at the pictures makes my tummy rumbles. Lord, do bring me back to Sydney!

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