Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Tempted by MasterChef's episode when the master of dessert himself set the elimination challenge of creating his perfume-inspired dessert, we immediately cabbed to Patisse the next morning.  
le chic friend busy looking for a cab

pretty sign; chic, as expected.

the maestro!

fashionable reads available while waiting for the cakes to be served.

vanilla mille-feuille; any vanilla person will surely go to the seventh heaven.

looking good from any angle.

mango cake. reminds me of the oriental mango pudding, simply melts in the mouth.

pistachio and rose cake.

the three musketeers
 As soon as we arrived, we were looking for the perfume cake of course. Unfortunately they were only about to prepare that batch for the next day, so we compromised with what they have ready in the counter and ended up with the vanilla mille-feuille, pistachio and rose cake and the mango cake. Delightful desserts, served in the best place to chill; we were seriously in denial to leave the place. If only we got the chance, we would certainly come back for the perfume cake!

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