Thursday, 12 July 2012

Captains of Industry

Industrial chic has been going on for sometimes but I must say Captains of Industry does it best. Located opposite GPO, the place indeed is a hidden gem in Melbourne's busy CBD.  

all the pretty people, just chillin'.

the view overlooking Melbourne's GPO.

vintage sewing machine
boxer gloves and old pictures 

not so sure what these are. but they're pretty!
 Was visiting the place with the girlies and fell in love with them at an instant. I never thought I would ever fall in love with a sandwich, but yes people, I just did.  
presumably the best sandwich ever. and the blackberry vixen me blurred in the background.  

the chicken sandwich for those weight watchers out there
Had the roast beef sandwich (knowing how greedy I am, guess it's just wrong if I ordered chicken) and some of beautiful scallops for brunch the other day and I kept coming back for the entire week. Talk about obsessed. 
the oh-so-sexy scallops. Ryan Gosling hot. 
Oooh and not to mention the amazing coffee they make and Lulu, the gorgeous coffee machine! 

the baby.  

the mummy a.k.a Lulu
don't you love the colour combination? complimentary bread and butter next to the lovechild.
mmm mmm mmmm.  me, coffee, and my Forever New throw that I've been living in.

 Best yet, not only it serves good food and coffee, the place also caters the needs of you gentlemen as they have a hairdresser, tailors and a leather goods workshop. I guess you might have got to it through all the place's details. Felt like I'm in a super cool-indie smurf village every time I pay a visit.

leather goods workshop   

hand-made leather bags
buckles and belts
the hairdresser. how adorable is that pole!

tailor's corner.

Nothing beats lazy mornings just chilling out here. Lovely services, lovely food. Do pay a visit, fellow Melbournians!

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