Monday, 17 September 2012

Camberwell Sunday Market

I dare say Camberwell Sunday Market is the best flea market ever. Surprises and unique finds are guaranteed every visit.

dame jolie. notice the lady smiling towards us?

ouch. but sooo cute.

pretty frames!

... and much more.

trash and treasures.

can you believe that each set only costs $10?!

reaaaaaaally old news papers

toys! woot woot

and i went to soap heaven.

the yummiest. and not to mention chic.

pretty piles of ... stuff.

more stuff.

ikura-esque crystal balls. yum?

gothic-girly corner.

too pretty.

hello there pink lady!

vintage everything.

lace ups.

oooh i spot you again, Miss Pink.

notice the surfer dude?

get me everything, someone.

feels like a school girl.

same store, obviously.

can't help drooling over them.

floral dresses your grandma *and I* will love to wear.

and don't forget the yummy fuel-up stations.

isn't the truck cute?


I seriously don't mind visiting every week. Hooked is the word. Will post on my lucky finds later on!

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