Sunday, 22 July 2012


Been so blessed to get to visit Messina thanks to God and my human GPS buddies. It is said to be one of the best gelato  in Australia and I totally agree. How can one go on a diet when faced with these?

yuzu sorbet surrounds a salted caramel swirl, encased in orange scented chocolate
This fellow right here is named the Samurai for looking bloody and fierce for one stick of ice-cream, but it tastes more like a geisha hidden under the fierce facade of a samurai. Delicate and refreshing, perfect for those hot (or not so hot, if you're a glutton like me) days.

the extended family

can you spot the mushroom?

too good to be true.
 Samurai and his buddies belongs to the category of Monoporzione (whatever it is, it sounds and tastes good!) and the gelato bar is located just next to this.
fig and yoghurt-berries flavoured gelato.
 So much for cutting down the sugar.

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