Sunday, 30 December 2012

Net-a-Porter Sale!!!

It's the best time of the year because it seems like we have not just survived the end of the world, our dream shoes, bags, and goodies survived too and they are on SALE on Net-a-Porter! Since I'm a shoeholic it's definitely the first department I'm hitting, and here are my favourites. 

faye zebra-print calf hair sandals by Jimmy Choo.
i can't never resist animal prints nor flowers.
and these are gorgeous.

rosette-embellished satin sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti.
another floral beauty fit for angels. sighs.

patent-leather trimeed satin sandals by Nicholas Kirkwood.
definitely my favourite out of the bunch but my size ran out! sobs.

printed satin and patent-leater slingbacks by Nicholas Kirkwood.
reminds me of the joy of stripping of beautiful ribbons off a gift box.

suede Mary Jane platform pumps by Marni.
ultra schoolgirl luxe!

studded suede ankle boots by Miu Miu.
my second favourite and again, my size ran out.
never, ever walked under the stairs. never.

astrid glitter-finished crepe de chine pumps by Charlotte Olympia.
first saw it worn by The Cherry Blossom Girl and instantly fell in love with it.

priscilla glitter-finished leather pumps by Charlotte Olympia.
isn't it the perfect new year's eve pumps? and it had my name written all over it! best.

embellished brocade Mary Jane pumps by Dolce & Gabbana.
black and gold could never go wrong. especially when it is this beautiful.

face-print leather and velvet loafers by Nicholas Kirkwood.
since the feet has to rest sometimes and these seems perfect for it.

stanley studded suede pumps by Isabel Marant.
pointy, studded, black, silver, gold and it's Isabel Marant.
guess no explanation's needed.

colour block leather sandals by Jil Sander.
this will go perfectly with Patricia Chang's pastel robots collection.
Death by shoe porn on a discount.
Don't worry loves, if you are not into shoes as much as I do (I don't know why you are but maybe you should get your temperature checked or something because who doesn't love beautiful teeny tiny sparkly/ bedazzled/ feathered/ fringed/ painted/ and above all gorgeous shoes?  Anyway I'm starting to get out of topic here, yes I rambled a lot, and it's amplified as most of the beauties are on massive sale, but let's get back on topic) Net-a-Porter of course has a sale section for bags, accessories, clothing and lingerie. Plus, if you don't like my picks (it'll break my heart but it's completely alright) head on to the editor's pick section. Click away and happy shopping, ladies and do hurry! Let me know what you've snatched!

All images courtesy of Net-a-Porter

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sugar Plum Princesses

Still in the spirit of the most celebrated holiday on earth, these photos are taken by my dear buddy Natalia with the concept taken from the Nutcracker's classic character, the sugar plum princess, featuring my sweet yet not-so-little pumpkin of a sister ..... (drumrolls required for the major drama queen) Christy! Actually the results seems to have nothing to do with the original idea apart from the colour scheme used- the shy shade of blush, the airy fairy feel- and also the warmth of the holiday season. Guess that's about it. Oh well, hope it still makes the cut and spread the joy of the festivities!

isn't she the cutest!  
wearing a tight yet frilly dress from Hong Kong, pink lacey socks with bows, her very own ballet flats she normally performs in on the left, my Miu Miu ballet flats and myself for props (yes, I was one of the props. whew) while reading one of the New York Times Bestseller, The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. Such a creative book  accompanied with astounding illustrations. A feast for the eyes and the mind indeed.
This gotta be one of my longest caption ever.

my turn to read! hee.
wearing a bow rhinestones ring from Diva and a giant cameo ring from... guess where. A SURF SHOP.
Yes people, I'm not kidding.
Christy pretending to be on a call with this retro cellphone radiation protection with volume control. love this old school looking gadget in pink.

seems I'm the copycat here. stealing her phone and made her sulked. oops.
wearing my Bardot blush pink, poofy tulle dress -a steal from its annual warehouse sale- and my pointy Valentino princess heels. Christy's Forever New tweed heart-shaped bag as props.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Season's Greetings

It's Christmas everywhere and Ave thought, why don't we have a semi-editorial photoshoot to celebrate the holidays? Any reason to play dress up lights up the bulb in the daydreams-filled brain of mine so I agreed immediately. And here are the results!

imitating art position that almost break my giraffey stiff neck. i need yoga or pilates asap.

wearing a velvet dress from Hong Kong, H&M velvet gloves and YSL Tribtoo pumps.
the chicken wing pose! whee!

notice the red book thingy? it is actually an old biscuit tin I got from Camberwell Market! so gonna wear it as a clutch. Isn't it so Olympia Le-Tan and Ulyana Sergeenko in one?

don't forget to smile!

failed attempt to be morbid and sentimental. HAHA.

my fave out of the bunch! gone are the fats. pris goes poof!

introducing my cutie pie of a sister, Christy! she was one of the assistant of the day and she came up with lots of brilliant suggestions! yay to the imaginations of a 10 years old!
And here are the sweats, laughter and ridiculously funny behind-the-scenes moments...

fooling around pretending to be the mafia's ladyboss. bahahahahha. look how cute the assistants of the day -Aida and Christy- are!

got lectured by the assistants on how to pose *blush* 

my horsey, man-repelling way of laughing which i enjoyed every second of! always, always laugh to your heart's content, because.. why not?
... which is actually what makes every photo session such a joy to do. Anyway, I'm sure by now lots of you are starting to munch down those glorious boxes of chocolates and gushed it away with some eggnog or whatever your poison is, curling and cuddling beside our loved ones.. so without further ado, happy, happy holidays, loves!

All pictures courtesy of Aveline Gunawan

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Brighton Beach

Summer is finally in the air .... so the beach it is! Went to my favourite beach of all in Melbourne with the trustworthy buddies to roll in the sands, jump up and down and most important of all, camwhore! Best thing is, camwhoring looks totally professional thanks to Ave. Hurhur.

the reason why it's my favourite beach of all times : the jolly, colourful beach houses. Kate Spade should totally do some editorials here.

thinking to myself , gee those beach houses totally nailed the art of dressing in colourblocks.

wearing my mint vintage blouse, ASOS lantern floral skirt and metal top keyhole sunnies, Valentino bow pumps.
mr. Cambridge Satchel chilling around with ms. Dotti the round hat beside.

And finally, tadaaa!! This is the treasured stripe dress I bought from the past vintage fair! It's from the 1960's, designed by Joan Leslie for special evenings. This is the original outfit I planned to shoot with .... but the worst disaster happened.
 *Screams* *Squeals* *Throw myself off a cliff* 
Gahhh I guess I must cut down the sugar or something now. But oh well, eat and be merry for tomorrow we die(t). Blessed be the one who came up with this philosophy of life.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Snow White

After procrastinating for the longest of time, I finally managed to post up the whole outfit for these shots  I love so much by the one, the only Ave! I first used the head shot for my profile picture on Facebook and everyone loves it, calling it Snow White, thus decided the title for this post.

It is indeed a smooth continuation from my previous post regarding the Snow in Daylesford. Just because it is snow related, yes. Okay, I might be too simple minded. Anyway thank God for you guys for deciding because I myself don't really know what should I title this post myself. Hee.

wearing the Ruby & Crickette's fascinator gifted by my dearest friend Jasmine, bought in The Rocks . thank you!
 loving the net, the velvet drops that seems like snowflakes and of course, the giant satin white bow. 
Often, unplanned shots became the best of all. Ave and I weren't exactly doing these head shots until our friend - the reflector holder of the day and soon to be our most loyal prop guy a.k.a the boy chased down by the geese- said we should totally do so after seeing the glorious white flowers sprung up on my cousin's apartment's sky garden. Thank you geese boy for the idea!

clockwise from the top 
1. red lips as blood. *pouts* or as red as chillies. cherries. strawberries. you name it, dear.
2. distracted as always thanks to my short span of attention. but laughs are forever healthy!
3. attempting to disguise myself as simply normal ...
4. ... guess that just won't work. oh wells. teehee! 
Yet of course, Ave did managed to stick to the original plan of shooting the look in the Parliament. First couple of shots done on the lovely steps of the historic building where a gorgeous group of schoolgirls complimented my pair of shoes. Thank you, loves!

doing yet again the one and only pose i managed to master so far. wearing my favourite white lace dress from  ASOS and shoes found by Jasmine along with the Ruby & Crickette's fascinator.
P.S : She has the same exact dress too! yes, you can find half of her closet in mine, we have heaps of the same things that differs only by colours or most of the time, it is simply the same, just like this number.  
details of the shoes. i love them to pieces and of course dear Jasmine much more for surprising me with them.
by the way, notice that 911 engraved on the staircase? someone definitely knew dangerous heels are going to take flight on these steps. 
Loving how kind the guards were there, pointing us the pretty doors we can shoot from too! The world needs more of them. Seriously.
the pose, again and again. ok i totally should learn how to do another.
failed attempt of mimicking Twiggy. oh well! i love how the doors emphasizes the details of the ASOS popping lace dress. notice the pop up lace?
Funny to say that I originally planned to wear this ASOS dress for my pre-wed shots if I do, somewhere in the future, meet Mr.Right and lives happily ever after. Not so confident on that, still, you never know what will life brings you, eh? But then I thought, oh screw the idea, I'm not keeping yet another gorgeous dress sitting in my closet for an imaginary event in the future. Trust me, I have heaps of pretty dresses bought the last couple of years, tags still on, never worn, gone buying some more. Shopaholic alert. Anyway, it's definitely time to stop because this is exactly why the blog was made, to help me commit on wearing them, doing them justice. So let's just wear it now. And I did. Yay!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Snow in Daylesford

Road trips are the best thing ever besides losing a few kilograms over a Krispy Kreme diet - not that it has ever happened to me, but if that works for any of you please let me know- a brand new pair of shoes and late night ramblings. I got to visit Daylesford during my last road trip with my dearest friends on spring break and guess what we encounter: SNOW! Does that drop any jaws?
mine did.

can you see those glistening drops? the most perfect veil of all.
lucky i brought my winter soulmate, the Forever New throw, along.
For your information, there is no snow in Australia unless you're on some mountain top or any of the sort so this is groundbreaking. At least for me and my friends. We ended up sticking our tongues out desperately, jumping up and down and frantically clicking on any cameras we brought. Long forgotten is the plan to pay a visit to the lavender farm. Oops. But I did attempt to take some outfit shots as originally planned! It's not down to the details I wanted to since it was seriously freezing cold but here are some of the quite successful attempts.

seriously faking spring. excuse the unraveling knots behind. blame all the tremblings. hee.
wearing my favourite silk floral dress from Forever New and my go to picnic/road trip hat from Dotti.

pretending it's easy, breezy warm with my ASOS sunnies.

favourite shot out of all! on the downside, i missed the view of my friend being chased by not one, but TWO geese while doing this. too bad. good thing i did hear him screamed like a girl while chased down by furious quacks, something all of us won't forget in a long, long time. bahahahah,

 my princess heels from Valentino. pointy and pink with bows attached, i couldn't feel any girli-er. wheeee!
After attempts done with blizzards and storm in between, I finally gave up and return to my good old throw. Ave still managed to capture some lovely shots though! Thank God for Ave, I wouldn't manage without her.

say hello to mr. Cambridge Satchel again! Borrowed Ave's sandals from Windsor Smith as suggested by her, she loves how it goes with my outfit.

my hilarious friend, note: the one being chased by the geese, broke my icy smile as soon as he stepped in. guess i'll laugh much more at him without any consideration of his annoyance. gosh that sounds so proper.

anyway you get what i mean. i'll laugh and laugh and laugh 'til he's pissed and laugh some more. hahahahahahahahahah.

my male model of the day, Ren! Isn't he cute? By the way, this is Ave's baby boy.
i made myself his godmother without any acknowledgment of his parents. heehee. a kiss for Ren, looking chic in his Harry Potter glasses and breton shirt, for being such a good company at the shoot!
Good times indeed. Definitely wishing for more trips on 2013!