Tuesday, 23 October 2012


For a glutton with a major weakness for pretty things like me, Stretsis had yet again taken me in completely in their most recent collection : Sweetness. Below are my favourites amongst their current fall winter ready-to-wear.

loving the pastels.

look at those arm details!

theatrical and captivating. notice the hidden sprinkles on the insides of the cape?

seriously to drool for.
Stretsis (it's sisters spelled backwards, smart isn't it?) is founded by three talented sisters from Thailand - Pim Sukhatuta, the creative director, Matina Amanita, the jeweller, and Kly, the publisher- and I have fallen in love with them ever since they started. Matina herself also carries her own jewelry line apart from the one she creates for Stretsis called Matina Amanita which is equally stunning.

So, girls, what are you waiting for? Happy browsing (and maybe a bit of shopping?)!

Monday, 22 October 2012


One, originally very annoying, sleepless night managed me to encounter the magical world of Vivetta through Instagram. Yes, long gone is my blackberry pride, I finally succumb to iPhone and its wonders. Ooh by the way don't forget to follow me on Instagram at priscandthepea!

this is just brilliant. perfection. as you can guess, I was drooling over my phone that very moment.
reminds me of Lanvin faces tees and Dolce and Gabbana's face wedges.
me want!

when life give you lemons, make a collection. 
This then lead me to their official website and I bumped to this gorgeous editorial.
Eye-popping collar design. Very refreshing, so distinct from any other collars featured by other brands to date. Made it even harder for me to sleep in the end, haha.
Vivetta is founded by the talented Vivi Ponti who was previously the head designer at Daniele Alessandrini. I love how it's mentioned that she is also a cat lady as I am one too (too many people love dogs in the world, kitties need some loving too, don't you think? No?).

guess who this is - Oscar, Oliver or Roseberry? 
Thinking of buying anything, loves? If you do, simply click here. Let me know what you purchased!

Images from various sources

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bunch of Cakes

And this is the cupcake store I was talking about in the previous post! Fact : A Bunch of Cakes  is originally a flower shop but thank God that the girls decided to share their cupcake magic to the world.

brilliant sign.

first thing first : flowers. 
aren't they beautiful?

moving on, their teeny tiny corner of magic.

four cupcakes a day keeps the psychiatrist away. hee. clockwise: carrot, sticky date, caramel, smores. 
Okay, okay. Three?
Two, then. Compromised.
fooled you! packed six more for the night woot woot! don't worry, i shared...... one. the limited edition sourstrip- rainbow sky cupcakes with vanilla mudcake base is my absolute favourite. make sure to ring or notify them  if you want some.
Best thing is, you get to have your cupcakes and bouquets served with REAL warm smiles and laughter, letting you walk off feeling, yes, it's a wonderful world.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Duchess of Spotswood

I love days when I can wake up late and go away from the city for a delightful breakfast. One of my favourite place to spend such precious days is the Duchess of Spotswood.

pretty chandelier. i noticed i have this tendency to look up whenever i'm bored. signs of an acute daydreamer.

my all time favourite in this place, the ox tongue with some yolk porn.
pork and apple sandwhich
pork terrine, cured duck breast, berkshire salami, pickles, and sourdough. reminds me of Jamie Oliver straightaway.
happy satisfied brunch mate of the day, Aida. isn't she the cutest?

The best thing about this brunch spot is that it's just opposite to a cupcake store that I frequent! Yes, awesome days always start with a good read of the word, wonderful breakfast and some sugar on top.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tea Time in Pink

Sweet. That's the first word that came into my mind as I entered the magical world of Christina Re's Where a Girl Goes High Tea Rooms & Paper Parlour

prettiest "reserved" sign ever.
couldn't help gasping at the sight of this adorable chandelier.
pretty bird cage with the butterfly details on the table.

pink, black, white and gold can do no wrong.

loving the sexy lips shaped chocolate. can you spot it?

with fluffy scones, jam and cream. finger sandwiches underneath.
don't forget the tea.... and the polaroids.
there can just never be enough tea time with the girlies.
the most gorgeous take away cup i've ever laid my eyes on.

Apart from just stuffing ourselves with the sweet and savoury treats, the place also offers a scrap booking tea time package as Christina Re itself is originally a designer stationery brand. Interesting, isn't it? Too bad we were too lazy to do anything other than sipping our teas, munching, chit-chatting and camwhoring. Sorry ladies and gents if we were degrading the elegancy of tea time by any means. Peace?

Little King

On the way back from the vintage fair, we visited this fantastic little cafe called Little King hidden in Westin Melbourne's alley run by Melbourne's sweetest girl.

most delightful strawberry tea from Serendipitea. it's called Strawberry Kisses. too cute.

vintage tea spoon. don't sweat, it's hygienic. trust them.

a drop of golden sunshine in a bowl. indeed the most delicious pumpkin soup i've ever had to date. 
exterior of the cafe. randomly, don't you think this guy should work for Abercrombie & Fitch? So Ken-looking.
Ave- my dearest, extremely talented friend who captures most of the pretty pictures featured in this blog - and I just can't stop blushing and giggling after the view. thank you for the entertainment, eye candy.
Definitely a must visit! It has always been a lovely surprise when there's such a place hidden the busy, busy CBD.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Vintage Fair

Following the post on events held at the Royal Exhibition Building, one that stays in my mind was the vintage fair. One was held again for the summer just recently on early October this year but sadly I had to passed on that. Still, I have faith that it was as marvelous as the fall's.

the array of pretty vintage dresses mostly from the sixties greeted us first thing. 
can't help trying on several of them. hee. 
the most interesting things I managed to find. scented candles in pretty teacups, isn't it brilliant?
The items offered in the fair was really well curated. My friend snatched this wonderful piece of vintage luggage and she decided to name it Teddy! Amazing thing about him, not only he serves as a luggage, he's also an emergency stool and a tres chic table top!

me sitting on Teddy *thank God it didn't fall apart* wearing vintage dress, blazer and bag with Forever New loafer heels.
Don't worry, I also did a teeny tiny bit of shopping. Hint: It is somewhere hidden in these pictures. Will post on that later!