Friday, 20 July 2012

Four Ate Five

Being Melbournians, we can't help going inside this popular brunch spot that has a very similar feel with the places back in Melbourne - Four Ate Five. The name of the place was the major factor why we are so keen to try the place out, we are all suckers for such things. It's just so apt to start our greedy day!
Jas looking all chic, drinking her watermelon, pear & mint juice. healthy much, eh?

the doorway to awesome brunch.

the mini cactus who accompanied us during the meal. isn't he cute!

 moroccan baked eggs with almonds, labne & organic sourdough; a really hearty meal indeed.

toasted sandwich- smoked ham, gruyere cheese, potato & fennel hash & b├ęchamel sauce on organic sourdough. yumm.
Food was so good and filling, perfect for our greedy selves who always prefer generous portions. All fuelled up and ready to march to eat more of what Sydney has to offer!

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