Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bourke Street Bakery

My friend claimed without any hesitation that this place is her one true love. Bourke Street Bakery never disappoint and stays consistent every time she pays a visit and honestly, how can you not agree? Just look at the crowd!

can you spot someone else who's taking a pic of the queue as well?

entertainment of the day!

 being asian, i couldn't help myself capturing the moment in my old fashioned blackberry. oh come on, it's not everyday that the sky is smiling!

getting closer to the entrance, excitement level 90.

managed to walk out safe and sound with these goodies! meringue tart and pear croissant.

unashamed greedy selves, camped on the garden opposite to the bakery, ready to munch them ALL.
Lucky enough to snatch what I want before they run out of stock. Epic battle comparable to shoe and sample sales or boxing day. Be prepared especially if you are visiting the place on weekends!

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