Monday, 23 July 2012

Jamie's Italian

So excited to finally visit one of Jamie Oliver's restaurant. Stumbled upon this wonderful alley on the way there.
such a pleasant surprise!
sad, melancholic title for the artwork
hauntingly beautiful, somehow it oozes a sense of loneliness.
Only in Sydney have I stumbled upon something so unexpected in the middle of nowhere. The alley is full of the recordings of various birds' beautiful singing, details of what bird is it is written on the pavements. So sad and beautiful at the same time.

too excited, starting to take pictures of every little details of the place. i know, i know. i'm so asian.
the busy, busy counter.
the menu. i think. 

snippet of my outfit of the day - ASOS' rose gold watch; Forever New coat & dress; Wolford tights
 Moving on, we finally reached the destination of the day, Jamie's Italian! Got a seat right next to the busy counter on the second floor. 

complimentary bread drenched in olive oil

the phantom looks like it's helping me hold the piece of bread. book ring i got off The Rocks' weekend market.

apple & pear gorgonzola salad with peppery watercress & honey toasted walnuts

smoky scamorza arancini - crispy rice balls stuffed with
smoked mozzarella & porcini
We started off with the salad and the wonderful rice croquettes. Beautifully executed.

fish baked in a bag- local fish of the day with clams,
mussels, fennel, chilli, anchovies
&Sicilian cracked wheat

osso bucco milanese -Aussie lamb cooked overnight with
tomatoes, saffron, wine & herbs.
Served on oozy polenta bianca
We had the fish and the lamb as mains for our lunch, I thought these two could have been much better. On top of that, it is sad to say that the rude waiter at the place ruined the meal. Oh well, things aren't perfect all the time, it's just life.

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