Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sugar Plum Princesses

Still in the spirit of the most celebrated holiday on earth, these photos are taken by my dear buddy Natalia with the concept taken from the Nutcracker's classic character, the sugar plum princess, featuring my sweet yet not-so-little pumpkin of a sister ..... (drumrolls required for the major drama queen) Christy! Actually the results seems to have nothing to do with the original idea apart from the colour scheme used- the shy shade of blush, the airy fairy feel- and also the warmth of the holiday season. Guess that's about it. Oh well, hope it still makes the cut and spread the joy of the festivities!

isn't she the cutest!  
wearing a tight yet frilly dress from Hong Kong, pink lacey socks with bows, her very own ballet flats she normally performs in on the left, my Miu Miu ballet flats and myself for props (yes, I was one of the props. whew) while reading one of the New York Times Bestseller, The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. Such a creative book  accompanied with astounding illustrations. A feast for the eyes and the mind indeed.
This gotta be one of my longest caption ever.

my turn to read! hee.
wearing a bow rhinestones ring from Diva and a giant cameo ring from... guess where. A SURF SHOP.
Yes people, I'm not kidding.
Christy pretending to be on a call with this retro cellphone radiation protection with volume control. love this old school looking gadget in pink.

seems I'm the copycat here. stealing her phone and made her sulked. oops.
wearing my Bardot blush pink, poofy tulle dress -a steal from its annual warehouse sale- and my pointy Valentino princess heels. Christy's Forever New tweed heart-shaped bag as props.

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