Sunday, 16 December 2012

Brighton Beach

Summer is finally in the air .... so the beach it is! Went to my favourite beach of all in Melbourne with the trustworthy buddies to roll in the sands, jump up and down and most important of all, camwhore! Best thing is, camwhoring looks totally professional thanks to Ave. Hurhur.

the reason why it's my favourite beach of all times : the jolly, colourful beach houses. Kate Spade should totally do some editorials here.

thinking to myself , gee those beach houses totally nailed the art of dressing in colourblocks.

wearing my mint vintage blouse, ASOS lantern floral skirt and metal top keyhole sunnies, Valentino bow pumps.
mr. Cambridge Satchel chilling around with ms. Dotti the round hat beside.

And finally, tadaaa!! This is the treasured stripe dress I bought from the past vintage fair! It's from the 1960's, designed by Joan Leslie for special evenings. This is the original outfit I planned to shoot with .... but the worst disaster happened.
 *Screams* *Squeals* *Throw myself off a cliff* 
Gahhh I guess I must cut down the sugar or something now. But oh well, eat and be merry for tomorrow we die(t). Blessed be the one who came up with this philosophy of life.