Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Snow White

After procrastinating for the longest of time, I finally managed to post up the whole outfit for these shots  I love so much by the one, the only Ave! I first used the head shot for my profile picture on Facebook and everyone loves it, calling it Snow White, thus decided the title for this post.

It is indeed a smooth continuation from my previous post regarding the Snow in Daylesford. Just because it is snow related, yes. Okay, I might be too simple minded. Anyway thank God for you guys for deciding because I myself don't really know what should I title this post myself. Hee.

wearing the Ruby & Crickette's fascinator gifted by my dearest friend Jasmine, bought in The Rocks . thank you!
 loving the net, the velvet drops that seems like snowflakes and of course, the giant satin white bow. 
Often, unplanned shots became the best of all. Ave and I weren't exactly doing these head shots until our friend - the reflector holder of the day and soon to be our most loyal prop guy a.k.a the boy chased down by the geese- said we should totally do so after seeing the glorious white flowers sprung up on my cousin's apartment's sky garden. Thank you geese boy for the idea!

clockwise from the top 
1. red lips as blood. *pouts* or as red as chillies. cherries. strawberries. you name it, dear.
2. distracted as always thanks to my short span of attention. but laughs are forever healthy!
3. attempting to disguise myself as simply normal ...
4. ... guess that just won't work. oh wells. teehee! 
Yet of course, Ave did managed to stick to the original plan of shooting the look in the Parliament. First couple of shots done on the lovely steps of the historic building where a gorgeous group of schoolgirls complimented my pair of shoes. Thank you, loves!

doing yet again the one and only pose i managed to master so far. wearing my favourite white lace dress from  ASOS and shoes found by Jasmine along with the Ruby & Crickette's fascinator.
P.S : She has the same exact dress too! yes, you can find half of her closet in mine, we have heaps of the same things that differs only by colours or most of the time, it is simply the same, just like this number.  
details of the shoes. i love them to pieces and of course dear Jasmine much more for surprising me with them.
by the way, notice that 911 engraved on the staircase? someone definitely knew dangerous heels are going to take flight on these steps. 
Loving how kind the guards were there, pointing us the pretty doors we can shoot from too! The world needs more of them. Seriously.
the pose, again and again. ok i totally should learn how to do another.
failed attempt of mimicking Twiggy. oh well! i love how the doors emphasizes the details of the ASOS popping lace dress. notice the pop up lace?
Funny to say that I originally planned to wear this ASOS dress for my pre-wed shots if I do, somewhere in the future, meet Mr.Right and lives happily ever after. Not so confident on that, still, you never know what will life brings you, eh? But then I thought, oh screw the idea, I'm not keeping yet another gorgeous dress sitting in my closet for an imaginary event in the future. Trust me, I have heaps of pretty dresses bought the last couple of years, tags still on, never worn, gone buying some more. Shopaholic alert. Anyway, it's definitely time to stop because this is exactly why the blog was made, to help me commit on wearing them, doing them justice. So let's just wear it now. And I did. Yay!

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