Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Snow in Daylesford

Road trips are the best thing ever besides losing a few kilograms over a Krispy Kreme diet - not that it has ever happened to me, but if that works for any of you please let me know- a brand new pair of shoes and late night ramblings. I got to visit Daylesford during my last road trip with my dearest friends on spring break and guess what we encounter: SNOW! Does that drop any jaws?
mine did.

can you see those glistening drops? the most perfect veil of all.
lucky i brought my winter soulmate, the Forever New throw, along.
For your information, there is no snow in Australia unless you're on some mountain top or any of the sort so this is groundbreaking. At least for me and my friends. We ended up sticking our tongues out desperately, jumping up and down and frantically clicking on any cameras we brought. Long forgotten is the plan to pay a visit to the lavender farm. Oops. But I did attempt to take some outfit shots as originally planned! It's not down to the details I wanted to since it was seriously freezing cold but here are some of the quite successful attempts.

seriously faking spring. excuse the unraveling knots behind. blame all the tremblings. hee.
wearing my favourite silk floral dress from Forever New and my go to picnic/road trip hat from Dotti.

pretending it's easy, breezy warm with my ASOS sunnies.

favourite shot out of all! on the downside, i missed the view of my friend being chased by not one, but TWO geese while doing this. too bad. good thing i did hear him screamed like a girl while chased down by furious quacks, something all of us won't forget in a long, long time. bahahahah,

 my princess heels from Valentino. pointy and pink with bows attached, i couldn't feel any girli-er. wheeee!
After attempts done with blizzards and storm in between, I finally gave up and return to my good old throw. Ave still managed to capture some lovely shots though! Thank God for Ave, I wouldn't manage without her.

say hello to mr. Cambridge Satchel again! Borrowed Ave's sandals from Windsor Smith as suggested by her, she loves how it goes with my outfit.

my hilarious friend, note: the one being chased by the geese, broke my icy smile as soon as he stepped in. guess i'll laugh much more at him without any consideration of his annoyance. gosh that sounds so proper.

anyway you get what i mean. i'll laugh and laugh and laugh 'til he's pissed and laugh some more. hahahahahahahahahah.

my male model of the day, Ren! Isn't he cute? By the way, this is Ave's baby boy.
i made myself his godmother without any acknowledgment of his parents. heehee. a kiss for Ren, looking chic in his Harry Potter glasses and breton shirt, for being such a good company at the shoot!
Good times indeed. Definitely wishing for more trips on 2013!