Monday, 22 October 2012


One, originally very annoying, sleepless night managed me to encounter the magical world of Vivetta through Instagram. Yes, long gone is my blackberry pride, I finally succumb to iPhone and its wonders. Ooh by the way don't forget to follow me on Instagram at priscandthepea!

this is just brilliant. perfection. as you can guess, I was drooling over my phone that very moment.
reminds me of Lanvin faces tees and Dolce and Gabbana's face wedges.
me want!

when life give you lemons, make a collection. 
This then lead me to their official website and I bumped to this gorgeous editorial.
Eye-popping collar design. Very refreshing, so distinct from any other collars featured by other brands to date. Made it even harder for me to sleep in the end, haha.
Vivetta is founded by the talented Vivi Ponti who was previously the head designer at Daniele Alessandrini. I love how it's mentioned that she is also a cat lady as I am one too (too many people love dogs in the world, kitties need some loving too, don't you think? No?).

guess who this is - Oscar, Oliver or Roseberry? 
Thinking of buying anything, loves? If you do, simply click here. Let me know what you purchased!

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