Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bunch of Cakes

And this is the cupcake store I was talking about in the previous post! Fact : A Bunch of Cakes  is originally a flower shop but thank God that the girls decided to share their cupcake magic to the world.

brilliant sign.

first thing first : flowers. 
aren't they beautiful?

moving on, their teeny tiny corner of magic.

four cupcakes a day keeps the psychiatrist away. hee. clockwise: carrot, sticky date, caramel, smores. 
Okay, okay. Three?
Two, then. Compromised.
fooled you! packed six more for the night woot woot! don't worry, i shared...... one. the limited edition sourstrip- rainbow sky cupcakes with vanilla mudcake base is my absolute favourite. make sure to ring or notify them  if you want some.
Best thing is, you get to have your cupcakes and bouquets served with REAL warm smiles and laughter, letting you walk off feeling, yes, it's a wonderful world.

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