Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Little King

On the way back from the vintage fair, we visited this fantastic little cafe called Little King hidden in Westin Melbourne's alley run by Melbourne's sweetest girl.

most delightful strawberry tea from Serendipitea. it's called Strawberry Kisses. too cute.

vintage tea spoon. don't sweat, it's hygienic. trust them.

a drop of golden sunshine in a bowl. indeed the most delicious pumpkin soup i've ever had to date. 
exterior of the cafe. randomly, don't you think this guy should work for Abercrombie & Fitch? So Ken-looking.
Ave- my dearest, extremely talented friend who captures most of the pretty pictures featured in this blog - and I just can't stop blushing and giggling after the view. thank you for the entertainment, eye candy.
Definitely a must visit! It has always been a lovely surprise when there's such a place hidden the busy, busy CBD.

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