Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sunshine & Daisies

Hello loves! Terribly sorry for the lack of updates, life has been so wonderful lately and it has taken over the wheels, keeping me away from the web for far too long. Indeed, 2013 has started gloriously on my side with blessings after blessings and I hope it continues both for you loves and me!

Recently I've turned twenty one *uh-oh* and I decided to celebrate this wonderful gift called life, to be grateful for the time God has yet given me still, for the loves surrounding me, for the sunshine that still shines and for all the lovely, pretty flowers that still blooms. Forgive me for sounding too cheesy. But I am cheesy and I guess I better just embrace who I am! Meehee. Okay. Now I better bombard you all with pictures before all of you snoozed off reading my blabbers. Here goes!

lovely centerpiece made by my angels, Mei and Cathleen
do you see what i see?
yes, the typo.
no, it's not embarrassing.
it's Cathleen's proof of love for me!
q: how come?
a: she stayed up designing and making all these by pulling two all-nighters with major assignments in between after kindly offering to design my birthday dinner, even after only hearing about it in such short notice!
can't thank you enough, dear. really.

giggles and laughter that i hope will last all year long, both for all of you and me. hee.
gosh this pic cracks me up! sorry girlies for uploading this, i just can't help it.
i'm prepared for your all your future revenges!
yes, baby, work that hair. HAHA. okay. i'm messing with fire now. *runs away*
is that the look of love i spot?
or is this the REAL look of love? 
if that's so, then this must be a love triangle. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
the high tech couple <3 br="">

turtle-faced pris. gosh this is gold. bahahahahahah. thank you Ave for capturing this moment!

that looks like a really serious phone call.
and the camwhoring begins! *drumrolls*

woot wooooooot

switching positions for ...... God knows why, for i don't.

smiiiiiiiiileeeeee! :)
the cool monochromatic bunch. hee.

oooh yeah B)
notice that the photographer doesn't get left behind?
someone is snapping a picture of her using a cellphone!
the whole invitees!
oooh someone is planning to menace there.
can you see it?

the criminal paused here a bit for pics. hurhur.

and he changed target and whacked MY head instead. grrr.
hahahahah don't worry, i love you still.
I must note that I can only pull this birthday dinner by God's grace. He provided the perfect venue on such a perfect timing, lovely, hospitable, Italian owners that reminds me of my loving landlords back in Melbourne to cater my needs, Jasmine, Mei and Cathleen for designing the event and for all dear ones that spared some of their precious time to come and made it a merry one! Can't be thankful enough for it to happen. Wishing you all the infectious happy glows, until the next post and God bless!

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