Friday, 19 July 2013

VASS - Expression Is The New Impression

It's Friday night ... and this nerd finally decided to stop procrastinating from posting a project so dear to her heart while the world are having rounds of drinks and going higher than the Empire State. 

A few months ago (yes it has been a long while since my last post, hasn't it?!) I was privileged to be a part of VASS -a jewellery company focusing on semi-precious beads gems bracelets- as an illustrator and their stylist! As much as I love fashion, my love for it only begun based on my love of drawing and illustrating ever since I am able to hold a pencil with my fat, stumpy fingers. Hence, I will start this post series with my work as their illustrator first! Below are my illustrations for their Spring/Summer 2014 catalogue which I am very honoured to be trusted of.

the cover
February-Amethyst- Dreams
March-Aquamarine- Calm
April-Crystal- Mystical
July-Camelian- Intelligence
August- Peridot- Health
September- Lapis Lazuli- Truth
October- Tourmaline - Joy
November- Citrine- Prosperity
December - Turqouise- Luck

It's a pity that not all of the original layouts of the catalogue can be uploaded here. Some layouts that you might find to be quite odd are actually under the format used in their website and I do apologize for not being able to present the original look. Oh, and please do excuse the people there for misspelling the word "success" as well, for I believe their wonderful and fearfully made bracelets are already a success in itself! Hee.

Any hows, as explained in the foreword page of the catalogue, each of these birthstones enhances the major type of personality bore by the people born in the particular month. For instance, a January girl is mostly seductive and her seductiveness is believed to be fully enhanced when she wears her designated birthstone, garnet. Still, garnet itself is not only restricted to enhance January girls' seductiveness as those who are not born by the month can wear it if she does prefer to amplify her seductive aura. Therefore, the question extends to which aura do you want to exudes? Personally, even though I am a January girl, I would love to wear the February's dream catcher amethyst bracelet to remind me the power of my dreams. Or the aquamarine. Or the turqoise. Well, maybe everything listed below since I can't decide and it's all reasonably priced in IDR! How about you?

Apart from all the confusion in choosing which one to get, words can't describe how much I thank these people for trusting me with their catalogue and reigniting my passion for illustrating. I enjoy every bit of time spent painting all these and I do hope you like it too, my lovely readers! Do anticipate my next post on VASS' editorial campaign, have a pleasant weekend everyone!


  1. FINALLY!!! post the other works too pris :D

  2. Priscaa i love your illustrations on those jewelries

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