Friday, 1 February 2013

Keira Belle

Hello, hello!! First and foremost, happy new year, loves! May this new year bring forth fresh, new beginnings of happy journeys ahead! Hee. Time flew so fast and I can barely believe it's 2013 already. Not to mention that even January had passed without a single post. Uh-oh. Anyway, so many exciting things had happened during the month and I can't wait to share them with you all! To begin with, one of the most exciting moments was styling little Miss Keira Belle's - Surabaya's own mini fashionista - photo shoot taken by dearest Ave. Just see how adorable she is!

first theme : afternoon tea party! keiralocks (referring to goldilocks here, but do you know that keira means the black-haired one? great coincidence, isn't it!) having a pleasant tea party with mama bear, wearing a floral-embroidered, tiered dress in the cutest shade of pink every little girl should have. or so i think.
don't forget to invite papa bear! kei feeding papa bear with a cup of love. me kinda jealous. okay, scratch kinda. me SUPER jealous.
next theme: princess kei preparing for her debutante ball! fixing her floral crown with ultimate care and precision, floating in her glorious cotton candy ballgown.
now it's time the princess to choose what shoes to wear! yes people, even a two years old girl can't resist smiling by the sight of pretty,teeny-tiny-dainty, shoes.

blooper of the day : princess got bored waiting for her carriage to take her to the ball. do not fear, she managed to use the time wisely to take pictures of us instead using her super adorable Disney Princesses digital camera!

finally, the last theme: kei and the company of the whole bear family! i just can't resist smiling after seeing her radiant smile. seriously, her joy is contagious.

little miss sunshine beaming joyfully. hee.

me grinning from ear to ear as a result. she's soooo cute i'm gonna die!
Photographer : Aveline Gunawan
Stylist : Prisca 
All photos courtesy of Aveline Gunawan

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