Friday, 6 September 2013


Hello again lovelies! I am beyond glad that this Saturday I am finally free from running errands first thing in the morning! The luxury of staying in bed under the warm sunshine is just incomparable. Agreed?

Given this kind of Saturday privilege, I'll love to share another mini project I had illustrated for a long time ago as well (by now I think most of you know I am not that prompt in updating.. or rather, simply put, I am just the world's best procrastinator) with my dear Natalia and a talented petite lady, Louisa, for her uber cute line, Ribbonacci. I am very excited when I was first invited to participate in it as an illustrator as I just love, love, LOVE her designs. Not to mention it's ribbons, my second ultimate weakness after pointed pumps. Scroll down to see what we had managed to come up with!

this is by far my favourite illustration, displaying Louisa's mix and match collection from seven individual pieces to create these party looks! can you guess which individual piece i fell for? if you said it's the bird-cage kind of skirt with ribbons attached here and there, you are absolutely correct!

oh, this is Louisa by the way! late introduction, apologies for my delayed reaction.

last but not least, potraying Louisa as a mannequin in this classic princess gown look!
Yes, it's a mini project... that's why there are only three illustrated campaigns. Don't judge, people. Ahh, I know you all kind people won't anyway! Have a lovely weekend!


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